Empowering, Educative Women Ministry Logo Design

Company Profile

Women of Purpose is a ministry built for organizing communities and aligning them with God’s preaching and words. The ministry is within the Beulah Church of God 7th Day.


The client specified that the women ministry logo design would be used for an all-women ministry under the Beulah Church of God 7th Day. Thus, the logo is expected to project an image of empowered women through the spiritual guidance of God.

As described by the client, the logo design must show how the ministry could groom ordinary women to becoming excellent women, wives, and mothers. The organization is set to train women for the various stages in their lives and prepare them for the challenges they will face in their lives.

In addition, the logo design must emphasize the idea of strong and empowered women that projects determination, support, accomplishments, maternal love, and mentorship. Initial concepts may revolve around women holding hands with their hands uplifted. It may be possible that the women may be viewed as circling a globe to show global impact and reach.

Regarding the colors, the client prefer pastel colors that project femininity such as pink, lavender, and yellow. However, they also want to see the designer’s take on the appropriate color scheme that fit the logo design. Also, the client noted that the ministry’s name and tagline must be included.

Logo Conceptualization

The type used for the logo leans on the conservative and formal side since it would be used for a ministry. However, a subtle play in font was used for the words “of purpose” to give a light touch of femininity and softness to the logo design.

Color Scheme

The colors selected for the women ministry logo design were lavender and pink in various shades and tint. The tone was based on the desired effect that the designers want to achieve with the logo design.

Typography and Icon

The client was not sure whether a typographical or iconic logo would work for the ministry. As such, she decided to have a look on the possible designs incorporating both aspects of the logo.

Thus, SleekLogos came up with a design that features three women figures depicting the three stages of a woman’s life: being a daughter, mother, and grandmother. Images have their hands raised up to imply praising God. In addition, the letter “O” in the word “women” was replaced with a globe to indicate the ministry’s global reach.

Final, Approved Design

SleekLogos came up with a design showcasing a nice combination of both typographical and iconic logo designs. As specified by the client, the name of the ministry and its tagline are included in the logo design. This is actually a difficult task since SleekLogos needs to create a balance between words and images. With proper conceptualization and materialization of the client’s instructions, SleekLogos was able to create a logo design that accurately exhibits the ministry’s goals and objectives.


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