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Business Card

Business card is one of the most handy and convenient marketing tools. Making its design as interesting as possible can instantly gain you sales leads and attract an even wider network. You can use this promotional tool in several ways:

 Web advertisement  Gift discount card
 Hangtag  Teaser card
 Business and events promotion  Loyalty card
 Mini calendar  


The professionalism and dedication of your organization must be consistently displayed even in a variety of media. Our letterhead design service is fully customizable to perfectly match your preference. This professional branding tool can be used in a variety of ways:

 Creativity and high product/service standards display
 Corporate image improvement
 Increased brand recognition
 Web site promotion
 Marketing move to stand out in a competition


Boost your marketing efforts through effective and attractive brochure designs. We provide this service the way you want it – custom, color, corporate, advertising tool, and creative ones. With this marketing piece, you can gain these benefits:

 Enhanced business credibility
 Reinforced marketing efforts
 Convenient way to promote and highlight key products and services, as well as new ones


Vibrant and eye-catching flyer design can pump up your promotion of an event, product, and service. As a marketing instrument, flyers offer several advantages:

 Business promotion and enhancement
 Cost effective and affordable
 Wide customer reach

Banner Ads

Banner ads are placed on web sites to get instant attention. This is why designing the banner ad must be treated with design skill possessed by professional graphic designers. Here at SleekLogos, we design your banner with the goal of making you meet your purposes. If effectively designed, you can get these benefits:

 Cost effective marketing
 Increased number of web site visitors
 Generation of leads or sales


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